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Archive for August, 2004

Beach, and Ekka Day

It was a holiday on Wednesday. After a bit of indecision and regrets about having to leave the dog behind we accepted Robin and Paul’s invitation to go out to Bribie Island. I’m glad we did. We caravanned to a 4×4 lot and took Robin’s 4-wheeler up the beach, with me, Kat, Dylan, Robin, Penny, and their son Toby. It was exciting and bouncy, and a bit scary to be plunging up and down the sand rises next to the crashing waves. (continued »)

Fahrenheit 9/11

Good god, another blog entry on this movie, who needs it? But at least I have the somewhat unique experience of being a Yank seeing it in Oz. Went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today with Kat. I think was quite good and also depressing, it exposes so much misery and wrongness. I can’t believe that Bush is not already ridden out on a rail; the fact that this election is looking like it will be close is horrifying. Even if Kerry wins, it will not be by much it appears, and what does that say about the American people, that they have not turned against Bush and his cronies?

Here is Oz there is a great deal of concern about the direction the USA is going, (continued »)

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