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Archive for September, 2004

“Rogue style” D&D

Dylan and I have been playing a lot of Classic Rogue (which you can find and download pretty easily). There is something so entertaining about that old, old game. We compete for the high score. With that as inspiration we spent a lot of the weekend with me DMing a “Rogue style” D&D session where I used the random dungeon generation rules on the fly and he took a party of level 5 adventurers into the depths. It was simple, kick-in-the-door playing with gold as the final score, restarting if any of the party died. I used a modification of the rules I’ve been using lately where you’re encouraged and expected to fully rest between fights, right there in the dungeon, using a little altar gizmo that you have to feed gold. The more HP or hunger you have to recover the more gold you have to feed it. It encourages smart play while avoiding tromps back and forth to town to recharge. Dylan is an enthusiastic and creative player, and we got into all kinds of fun situations just with the simple elements of random dungeons plus a bit of creative interpretation on my part. The d20 rule system really shone.

The Lions Lost!

Went to Greg’s to watch the AFL Grand Final (Australian rules football league– a very entertaining game played on a huge circular field). What a close game! Shockingly the Brisbane Lions lost and thereby failed to tie the record for most grand final wins in a row (4).


I’m just recovering from a really bad flu. Very high fever. I had not been that sick for many years. I’m still not all well.

Learning to say “She’ll be right”

I was getting too uptight about work. I had to remind myself recently that I came to Oz not in pursuit of superachievement, to work in the most perfect environment, or to fit into a perfect team. If I’d wanted to pursue those things I’d have stayed in the states. I came here to: learn about how to lead a game development team; make my mark on a company; and most importantly, to learn to mellow out a bit. All those things are still right here for me. I took this opportunity to move to Oz because the time was right for me and my family to go on this adventure. I came here to enjoy life the way Aussies do. I came here to internalize the attitude I saw when I worked in Sydney and which exists here in Brisbane too: that though work is important and we all want to do a good job, work is not everything. It’s not cool to get too uptight here. You aren’t measured entirely by the height of your achievement or profit. You don’t get anywhere by stressing out, by being bullish, by fighting the dominance game which is endemic to the US cities where I’ve worked. If there’s one thing I really want to learn by living and working here, it is to learn how to say: She’ll be right. Wish me luck. :)

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