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Archive for November, 2004

Thanksgiving in Australia

Happy Thanksgiving! There is nothing like it here in Oz and people regard it as a bit bizarre. Typical conversation: “So, what do you do for Thanksgiving?” “Well, eat. And talk.” “Are there presents?” “Nope… just food…” “Are there songs or a ceremony or something?” “Um, well I guess you can say grace or something before you eat…” I know that the best part of Thanksgiving is getting family and friends together, and that it is in that way a great holiday, one of my favorites. But I also realize that here it seems that friends and families already often get together for dinner and families live close enough to often do that, so a special occasion to get together is not so important here. Also, it’s really hot baking that turkey in the Aussie summer. :)

World of Warcraft servers

Of course I’m playing WoW! I love Blizzard games and I love the ideal behind MMORPGs, so it’s a natural choice. Let’s hope this is an MMORPG done right for once. Kat and Dylan and I are all starting to play and I’m very excited. We’re having lots of fun. Still seeing where all friends are playing and which characters I like the most but in case you are wondering it’s best to try to find me at: Silver Hand: Orogg (Human Warrior) (+ mystery RP character) Frostwolf: Waterhouse (Dwarf Priest)

More rogue-style D&D

Now I’m writing a Visual Basic app that rolls up random rooms for the mod. This is good because I was getting bored of doing all the dice work. Programming is fun in its own right and now I can start to use it to replace the boring bit, leaving all fun. I may try to sell or give away the whole mod set, with the program, when I’m done and have playtested it a lot more. Dylan is writing some of the code. In Notepad he does the tables for the monsters, which is basically a lot of data entry with code trimmings, but he is excited to be helping and proud to see his code at work.

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