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Archive for May, 2005

The house is a lock

The building inspections and financing went through so it’s a lock… the house will be all ours on July 18. It was great to be back in the house again as we met the inspectors. I just love it more and more. I’ll put up pictures before long.

The termite inspector was a great Aussie bloke. He probably enjoyed horrifying us with tales of termite persistence. But he basically said “That’s Queensland, you got termites. It’s not our land, it’s theirs. We’re just building houses on it. If it weren’t for termites this place would be 100 foot deep in dead wood and we’d have no place to stand.” He’s been bitten by redbacks 42 times and “I’m still here” so I think he has a pretty relaxed attitude about annoying insects.

3rd time was the charm

The offer on the third house was accepted! We’re very pleased and will have money left over for “reno”. We move in 60 days, assuming the building inspections and financing does not fall through.

3rd offer on 3rd house

We’ve now made a third offer on a third house. The market is very favorable to buyers here. We went in with low bids on two houses and did not raise them much so the offer was not taken. Now this third house is the one I like the most but also the cheapest! It backs onto a nature preserve which is awesome.

But the exchange rate is now dropping just after we transferred a lot of money here. Grrr.

Looking at houses

We’re getting to the final stages of looking at houses now. There are a few we like, all of them in Dylan’s school’s neighborhood.

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