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Save Our Kenmore site about Kenmore Bypass

It’s only of mild interest to those of you who don’t live in my immediate area, but it’s a little window into my life and I get to put another link to the site which helps its Google rank. I have started helping out a group called Save Our Kenmore which is devoted to stopping the building of the so-called Kenmore Bypass, which would go right behind our house and destroy a lot of green space in which me and Kira walk pretty much every day. Here is the site for Save Our Kenmore to stop the Kenmore Bypass. If any of you with sites could pop that link onto your site for a while, I’d surely appreciate the link love!

Holiday in Tasmania

(Please sing the above title to the tune of “Holiday in Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedys… we did…) We just got back from a holiday in Tasmania, we three running about in a campervan for a week. It was great! Not sure if we are campervan types but we enjoyed Tassie and enjoyed the freedom of carrying our home around the island. (continued »)

We have become Australian citizens!

Kat and I (and by extension, Dylan) became Australian citizens on Australia Day 2008, which is… come on, you know it! I know it! (In fact I took a citizenship qualification test which made me memorize it forever, along with the wattle and Phar Lap) …January 26th. (continued »)

Trip with buddy Cameron

Me and the family are about to take a little holiday in Tasmania, so what better time to finally post something about my trip in November with my buddy Cameron? (continued »)

Another paean to Radiohead; indulge me

I am finally back to my rich blog-scribing tradition after a long break of intense work, holidaying, and procrastination. To make more bite-sized the mountainous prospect of updating this blog after my long period of taking short vacations (the subject of a later post, which is the whole point), allow me to write about something short and sweet. Ah, I feel less oppressed already… I’m not writing a five-page travelogue, I’m just writing yet another paean to Radiohead’s latest album In Rainbows. I could just copy-and-paste one of the thousands of other love-fests frolicking on the web, but none of them are my style so I’ll give it my own shot. Besides, now there is a dandy Amazon pay-me widget I can imbed in my post, so go buy it now! I’ll wait while you download the MP3s.

You’re back? Good shit, huh?? Now you’re listening to it as you read the rest of this post, hopefully drinking a glass of Syrah (note to my legion of Aussie fans, it’s called “Shiraz” here in Australia and good on you). You’re sipping Syrah|Shiraz even if you don’t like it, because I do like it, and I should not be drinking alone at 6:07AM. (Kidding!) (continued »)

April Fools joke on Dylan

Muhuahaha… I set up Dylan’s PC so that the icons were hidden as well as the taskbar and set the following as his desktop background. An oldie but a goodie. I made the pic with a few minutes of Photoshop and a quick visit to Hello Kitty Online. Priceless! After a minute of shock, he thought it was funny.


(Text says: Microsoft Windows Required Update in Progress… 14% complete. To comply with USA Family-Friendly regulations, all users under 14 are having their operating system upgraded to safe and friendly Hello Kitty Online.)

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