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Archive for January, 2009

Trip to Maroochydore

We went to Maroochydore, which is a beach town up the Sunshine Coast, about 1.5 hours’ drive north from our Brisbane home. We stayed at the Sebel, a wonderful, new hotel which was both lush and affordable! I surfed, Dylan boogie-boarded, Kat sunbaked. (Kira was in the loving care of Dee back home.) We had a great weekend away. Some pictures of the trip, and Dylan’s 14th birthday, are now in the Flickr photostream.

Australian cliche: Kookaburra tries to nick my roo from the barbie

In an episode that would be cut from a Baz Luhrmann epic as “too cliched”, last night a kookaburra tried to steal some roasting kangaroo fillets as I cooked them on our barbecue.  Let me say that in a more cliched manner: a kookaburra tried to nick some roo from my barbie. I expect this to be followed by a dingo taking our baby and my being attacked at Bondi Beach by a shark and crocodile, which I fend off with a boomerang.

The  footage below (also at sets the scene: this is a few days before. On Christmas morning, as you do, we put out food for the resident kookaburras. Kat, Dee, and Kira all star; I am the cameraman.

My many data streams

Take an occasional look at my home page at to catch up with any new data streams I am swimming in. I used to be a curmudgeon about doing updates on all these different services but as I have promoted my projects I have come to accept that it’s best to go where the eyeballs are, not try to direct everyone to one central location. So here is an update, and note the first source: I am now on Twitter and having fun, posting news which is too trivial even for this silly blog.

Anywhere I refer to “matthew@”, I leave off the main domain to foil spambots. Just put after the @ to create the email address.

Whew. That’s a lot of datastreams! Someday all this will be unified…

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