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Article about games and parenting, featuring me and Dylan

The local paper the Courier-Mail came out today in print and online with an article I was interviewed for earlier in the week. I am going to be in a forum in a couple days about the same subject. The article quotes me on my views about games and parenting. Check out the article online.

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One Response to “Article about games and parenting, featuring me and Dylan”

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    Janet Says:

    Great article, Matt! And I love how you worked Shakespeare into it. ;-)
    It’s also a great photo of you and Dylan.

    My kid has become a die-hard gamer, loving both tabletop and computer games. Her dad runs a D&D campaign, and she plays WoW, as well as sim games like Zoo Tycoon (she’s a heck of a zoo designer!).

    I need to get an email out to you sometime soon. I’ve just been promoted (again) at work, and am feeling better than I have in years.

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