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A Very Special Shutdown Notice

I have finished and released a fiction project which is minor and experimental (aren’t they all?) but hey, it’s a release. See it at A Very Special Shutdown Notice. As I explain in the About page, my main goals are to popularize and explore the Simulation Argument and transhuman issues; to build an audience for my eventual game Pod Tycoon; and to drive some traffic so I can exercise my site in preparation for release of my first game. Please check it out and let me know what you think by leaving comments on the post at my company blog or the Google group mentioned on the project’s About page.

Once the site starts to show up reliably in search engines, I will make a push for a viral spread-the-word campaign. For now, don’t make any special efforts to spread the link around. Stay tuned for my request for you to do that soon!

Article about games and parenting, featuring me and Dylan

The local paper the Courier-Mail came out today in print and online with an article I was interviewed for earlier in the week. I am going to be in a forum in a couple days about the same subject. The article quotes me on my views about games and parenting. Check out the article online.

April Fools joke on Dylan

Muhuahaha… I set up Dylan’s PC so that the icons were hidden as well as the taskbar and set the following as his desktop background. An oldie but a goodie. I made the pic with a few minutes of Photoshop and a quick visit to Hello Kitty Online. Priceless! After a minute of shock, he thought it was funny.


(Text says: Microsoft Windows Required Update in Progress… 14% complete. To comply with USA Family-Friendly regulations, all users under 14 are having their operating system upgraded to safe and friendly Hello Kitty Online.)

Confession: I love SNG

I have a confession. I started recording and watching Star Trek The Next Generation – The Complete Seasons 1-7. And I love it. Now you know.

World of Warcraft servers

Of course I’m playing WoW! I love Blizzard games and I love the ideal behind MMORPGs, so it’s a natural choice. Let’s hope this is an MMORPG done right for once. Kat and Dylan and I are all starting to play and I’m very excited. We’re having lots of fun. Still seeing where all friends are playing and which characters I like the most but in case you are wondering it’s best to try to find me at: Silver Hand: Orogg (Human Warrior) (+ mystery RP character) Frostwolf: Waterhouse (Dwarf Priest)

More rogue-style D&D

Now I’m writing a Visual Basic app that rolls up random rooms for the mod. This is good because I was getting bored of doing all the dice work. Programming is fun in its own right and now I can start to use it to replace the boring bit, leaving all fun. I may try to sell or give away the whole mod set, with the program, when I’m done and have playtested it a lot more. Dylan is writing some of the code. In Notepad he does the tables for the monsters, which is basically a lot of data entry with code trimmings, but he is excited to be helping and proud to see his code at work.

“Rogue style” D&D

Dylan and I have been playing a lot of Classic Rogue (which you can find and download pretty easily). There is something so entertaining about that old, old game. We compete for the high score. With that as inspiration we spent a lot of the weekend with me DMing a “Rogue style” D&D session where I used the random dungeon generation rules on the fly and he took a party of level 5 adventurers into the depths. It was simple, kick-in-the-door playing with gold as the final score, restarting if any of the party died. I used a modification of the rules I’ve been using lately where you’re encouraged and expected to fully rest between fights, right there in the dungeon, using a little altar gizmo that you have to feed gold. The more HP or hunger you have to recover the more gold you have to feed it. It encourages smart play while avoiding tromps back and forth to town to recharge. Dylan is an enthusiastic and creative player, and we got into all kinds of fun situations just with the simple elements of random dungeons plus a bit of creative interpretation on my part. The d20 rule system really shone.

What I’m Playing

If you’re the gaming sort, you may want to know that I’m playing Puzzle Pirates (as Stucco on Midnight Ocean). I’m just about to play in the Worlds of Warcraft beta, after months of resistance, since I’d rather not play a beta; but since my interest in City of Heroes has dried up (great game but lost my interest pretty quickly) I want a regular MMORPG, and my friends are mostly playing WoW. Puzzle Pirates is really entertaining but I may not play it for much longer. I expect I’ll play WoW a lot once it ships; till then the beta will have to do.

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