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Dylan and Kira in the clover

Dylan and Kira and I took a walkabout yesterday in the reserve behind the house. In the big loop formed by Moggill Creek there is a hill which every springtime erupts in thick clover, so Dylan suggested we check it out. It was a li’l slice of heaven, and I was lucky enough to get a really nice picture out of it as well.

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3 Responses to “Dylan and Kira in the clover”

  1. 1
    davevr Says:

    I am testing your comment system. Read that, buddy!!

  2. 2
    Don Says:

    That is some green, green clover.

  3. 3
    Janet Says:

    Hi Matthew!
    I’ve subscribed your blog to my LJ friends list, so keeping up will be easier. I’m looking forward to staying more current with what’s going on with you.

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