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Fahrenheit 9/11

Good god, another blog entry on this movie, who needs it? But at least I have the somewhat unique experience of being a Yank seeing it in Oz. Went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today with Kat. I think was quite good and also depressing, it exposes so much misery and wrongness. I can’t believe that Bush is not already ridden out on a rail; the fact that this election is looking like it will be close is horrifying. Even if Kerry wins, it will not be by much it appears, and what does that say about the American people, that they have not turned against Bush and his cronies?

Here is Oz there is a great deal of concern about the direction the USA is going, and public opinion is much more strongly tilted toward what is the Left position in the USA. When I introduce myself as American (most seem to ask if I am Canadian, either because my accent got kind of Northwestern while in Seattle or because it’s the safer guess to make– probably a combination of both) I feel very self-conscious and feel a need to explain how I feel about the direction the USA has taken lately. But I don’t just rail against Bush as that’s also too simple. I try to communicate my concern about the USA’s social and political situation as a whole, the spiral it seems to be chasing downward, abetted by both political parties and by most major social institutions. It’s too easy to think that if Bush is taken out of power things will get a lot better. I think a much more fundamental social and political change needs to come about.

One of the things I love about Australia is that it has so much potential and power, and has not yet got the ingrained traits that I think have brought America down a dark road. I want to work within the social system here to voice my beliefs and try to steer Oz away from merely following the US. 

Very hastily written but you get the idea…

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