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Holiday in Tasmania

(Please sing the above title to the tune of “Holiday in Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedys… we did…) We just got back from a holiday in Tasmania, we three running about in a campervan for a week. It was great! Not sure if we are campervan types but we enjoyed Tassie and enjoyed the freedom of carrying our home around the island.

As you may or may not know, Tasmania is a state in Australia, and an island unto itself, off the south coast. I amused myself by constantly referring to it as another country… “Do I need my passport? Do they accept Australian money? Do they speak English?” Which I was careful never to do around actual Tasmanians because I reckon they are touchy about such “humor”.

Anyway, we had long wanted to go to this wild place and autumn was perfect, as we’d get some much-missed fall colors in the trees but not freeze our tropically-adapted Queensland asses off. Thanks to Kat’s low-cost standby tickets by virtue of working for Virgin, it was cheap as chips, as they say.

We rented a campervan, both to be able to change the itinerary on the fly and to see what it’s like, as we have had fantasies about spending a few months or more caravanning around Oz. Those fantasies may need to be revised… it was great fun but we’re not sure it’s our thing. But the disadvantage of it being cramped and low-tech also gave it the great advantage of getting the three of us to really get to know each other all over again. That was awesome. Without TV or computers to tempt us, we played a lot of Hearts, read, listened to music, and chatted. The flexibility was indeed nice, so that we could decide, for example, that we loved the White Beach site and weather so we stayed an extra day there, and when the weather looked bad in Freycinet, we could decide to spend the day on a huge drive instead of sitting around.

We stayed nights in Hobart, Southport, White Beach, Coles Bay, Low Head, and New Norfolk. We saw Hastings Caves, Tahune Airwalk, the Port Arthur town and prison ruins including the Isle of the Dead, Freycinet Island, the high misty cow-filled lands on the way to Low Head, and many other things. Tasmania is wild and fertile, chock full of livestock and hardy, friendly people.

And the nicest thing about a week in a campervan is coming home! We could pee without putting our shoes on first! We could wash a plate without banging our head! We also can finally pat our dog Kira (who spent the week under the kind care of our friend Dee who stayed at our house while we were gone). It was an awesome trip, but it is so good to be home.

If you want to see Tassie and the places we stayed, check out this Google Map.

You can see all the photos at Flickr under the tag “Tasmania 2008″.

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