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Iraq Solution: Impeach and Pass to Rice

I propose here the best of all bad options regarding Iraq. It’s obvious that nothing will really change until the new President takes office, meaning a truly new course can only start in 2009. This is obviously much too long to wait, in light of lives lost, money spent, damage wrought to reputation, and fuel supplied to terrorist enemies. The USA is a house on fire. So: I do not support remaining in denial, which is the Republican plan. I do not support waiting it out for political gain, which is the unspoken center Democrat plan. I do not support the left Democrat plan, which is a cutoff of funds to force Bush to start a pullout immediately. Here is the solution I support: In Congress, make a bipartisan deal. In exchange for immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney, all the Democrats in the line of Presidential succession let it pass over them. President Condoleezza Rice leads the best possible pullout effort until the next elected President takes over in January 2009.

Why am I, Matthew Ford, an American expatriate citizen with no political experience, writing this? I have always agonized about my stance on big political issues. I did it in the run-up to Iraq and I do it now regarding the war. I think about it as if I could actually do anything about it. I can’t do much, but I have my blog, and by the gods I am going to use it to share my view with the teeming millions. (I have not checked my web stats, but I don’t need to; my pronoia assures me I am read by millions.) Surely if the permalink to this story is passed around enough, someone in Congress will pick up the mantle and run it from there. Just remember, you read it here first.

Why do I press for a change of leadership before the pullout begins? Why not skip the mess of impeachment and force a pullout by cutting off funds? Simply because this administration will make an even bigger debacle of a pullout than they have made of the invasion and occupation. Bitter, defeated, and facing political doom, they have every reason, consciously or subconsciously, to assure that the pullout will be bloody, wasteful, and a tinderbox almost guaranteed to ignite into a bigger conflict that will justify reoccupation. I want a controlled redeployment, retreat, victory exit, or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t want this deluded, incompetent, blinded group to do it. The leadership needs to change, and assert change right down the chain. We have many in the administration and military who would execute this plan skillfully; they merely need a good leader.

Why not impeach and leave the succession untouched? That is an easy one to answer. The impeachment will never gain a two-thirds vote in the Senate if the result will be President Cheney, President Pelosi, or President Byrd. It’s even more wasted time and effort to pursue impeachment on those terms.

This solution can break the bipartisan deadlock and gain traction because every faction gains something except the Bush/Cheney loyalists. The Republicans can lessen their approaching slaughter in the 2008 campaign by explaining that after 9/11, support of Bush and Cheney was the right thing to do to keep us strong, but when the executives proved incapable of taking the right course, the Republicans did the right, difficult thing and replaced the leadership. The centrist Democrats lose the (unconscionable and therefore expendable) electoral advantage of a continued slow bleed in Iraq, but get the opportunity to actually help save the country with positive action instead of mere complaint, rebuilding their reputation. The activist Democrats get to impeach, making history and dealing out a well-deserved punishment and deterrent, and get the only pullout they could possibly hope to begin before 2009.

This plan can happen rapidly and immediately start to solve the problem. Impeachment will be rapid when a majority of both parties agree, and that time can be used by Rice to prepare for the new role. Then, once in power, she can immediately change course. I do not suppose that she will engage in a rapid retreat; I expect she will press something like the Baker-Hamilton plan. No matter what plan she pursues, we can expect it to be better than the next 15 months would have been otherwise.

Lastly, would Condoleezza Rice be a good president? I think she would not be bad, and that’s a huge improvement. Like many who rose to power under Bush, she is a better, more skilled, more intelligent person than she has been allowed to demonstrate while loyal to her leader. As for Bush, by seeing the writing on the wall and stepping down gracefully, still certain he was right but accepting his role as martyr, he can only improve his legacy.

Now, the next step is yours, dear reader. Please spread the link to this story about An Iraq Solution: Impeach and Pass to Rice everywhere you can. By doing so, you maximize the chances that this plan, or an even better plan inspired by this, will be enacted. Iraq represents nothing less than an existential fork in the road for America. We are hurdling down a road that leads to the permanent decline of American power and a much darker world. It is imperative that we, the collected citizens of this great country, heave this runaway car into the other lane, and do so immediately. This will only happen if we, as citizens, spread the word. Please, please do so.

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3 Responses to “Iraq Solution: Impeach and Pass to Rice”

  1. 1
    Steve Campbell Says:

    Yes, and we could also impeach all of the congressmen whose speaches and actions have given the jihadists heart and continued this war…and how about the press. Let’s arrest all those who leaked unsubstantiated stories, real secrets and other information damaging to the war effort. Really, come on, get real here. On what charges would you impeach the President? Vice=President? Being wrong about some things? mismanagement? losing? ok..lets get specific though…remember just not liking someone is not grounds for impeachment…only for voting out of office…put up facts and charges and then we can talk.

  2. 2
    Tom H. Says:

    Outstanding idea, Matthew! Would break the political deadlock and solve the Iraq problem in one stroke. I’m going to pass it on.

  3. 3
    Rik Says:

    Merry Christmas Matthew!

    I am not sure I like these ideas. I think that Condi Rice is near the bottom of any list I would make for leaders of the near failed state that is the USA these days. She has accomplished nothing and has been an advocate for many of the failed policies that represent the wreckage of our foreign policy.

    I do believe that Iraq is close to being self mismanaged so I am an advocate ot rapid departure from there. The Iraq people will never step up when they are occupied and the cronies now in power have no reason to do much as they are getting comfortable eating at the trough of dollars flowing in to Iraq. I do think that the Iraqi people will deal with any foreign elements on their own. The problem is that they will deal with each other as harshly. This will happen some day so why not sooner? We have wasted trillions on a wrong decision and we need to cut our losses. The US is falling behind the rest of world in education, health care, technology, etc. and we need to make investments in our future versus the continual waste of money supporting corporate friends and cronies.

    I do agree that the government we have obtained is far from a real democracy. With the majority of media controlled by the same corrupt corporations who have the most invested in the status quo, it is difficult to see how any change is achievable. It is amazing the amount of people who say that they agree with Kucinich but that he is not electable? It is self fulfilling. We know the deck is stacked but we continue to play the game by the same rules. I already hear talk among democrats saying ‘ vote for Hillary becuase she has the best chance’ When people compromise their dreams and ideas they get what they deserve. I don’t really know whether there is much hope for us.

    I do believe that we need to expect more from our elected representatives. We need to elect people based on their vision and plans rather than a party label. We do need to figure out whether the USA will be a land of opportunity for all or just a place for rich people to get richer and the rest of the poor bastards are just given casinos, bad TV, Britney Spears, cheap drugs (legal and unlegal), mediocre schools, more credit cards, poison toys from China and subsidized gas for the inefficient cars we drive.

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