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Australian cliche: Kookaburra tries to nick my roo from the barbie

In an episode that would be cut from a Baz Luhrmann epic as “too cliched”, last night a kookaburra tried to steal some roasting kangaroo fillets as I cooked them on our barbecue.  Let me say that in a more cliched manner: a kookaburra tried to nick some roo from my barbie. I expect this to be followed by a dingo taking our baby and my being attacked at Bondi Beach by a shark and crocodile, which I fend off with a boomerang.

The  footage below (also at sets the scene: this is a few days before. On Christmas morning, as you do, we put out food for the resident kookaburras. Kat, Dee, and Kira all star; I am the cameraman.

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2 Responses to “Australian cliche: Kookaburra tries to nick my roo from the barbie”

  1. 1
    Steve Says:

    They’ll be eating out of your hand before you know it.

  2. 2
    Matthew Says:

    True enough Steve, Dee got him to take food out of her hand the next morning!

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