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“Rogue style” D&D

Dylan and I have been playing a lot of Classic Rogue (which you can find and download pretty easily). There is something so entertaining about that old, old game. We compete for the high score. With that as inspiration we spent a lot of the weekend with me DMing a “Rogue style” D&D session where I used the random dungeon generation rules on the fly and he took a party of level 5 adventurers into the depths. It was simple, kick-in-the-door playing with gold as the final score, restarting if any of the party died. I used a modification of the rules I’ve been using lately where you’re encouraged and expected to fully rest between fights, right there in the dungeon, using a little altar gizmo that you have to feed gold. The more HP or hunger you have to recover the more gold you have to feed it. It encourages smart play while avoiding tromps back and forth to town to recharge. Dylan is an enthusiastic and creative player, and we got into all kinds of fun situations just with the simple elements of random dungeons plus a bit of creative interpretation on my part. The d20 rule system really shone.

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    Floyd Tarrant Says:

    You know, i did – and still do – think that this was a cool idea. I really had a lot of fun when we were playing this, and i think it might be a good idea to unearth that old program and release it on the net, if you haven’t already. Heck, you could even update it to the new rules, add a character generation system, Throw in a board, and BINGO! D&D online! but closer to the roots of the game. Playing your custom rogue system was the first game of D&D i had ever played, heck, the first pen ‘n’ paper game i had ever played, and this system really awoke a love for pen ‘n’ paper games. So, if you ever want to update, give me a call. I’d be happy to help.

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