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Rusted flagpole at USA school kills girl

Sometimes it takes a random, horrible event to symbolize a larger, more complex problem. If illustration of such an event were called a cheap shot, it mistakes my intention. The flagpole could have been anywhere, so the event in itself does not prove anything. And replacing all the flagpoles in America won’t address the underlying problem. All the same, I find this story about a rusted-out flagpole falling and killing a child at her primary school a potent symbol of the inside-out, slow, but entirely visible┬ádestruction of a great country, threatening not to end its supremacy with the bang now being so strenuously, and justly, if not efficiently, prevented, but with the whimper at the end of a downward spiral. Citizens of America, please join me in my call– to politicians, neighbors, and friends– to take a new look at all that threatens the country; and to give solutions– even the non-sexy, non-spectacular solutions– their proper due. Ending with a whimper is just as much an end as ending with a bang. Let’s prevent both.

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2 Responses to “Rusted flagpole at USA school kills girl”

  1. 1
    Sarah Stone Says:

    Hi Matthew – Just checking out your blog. This post struck a chord – there was an author on NPR today discussing his book “Supercapitalism.” Basically about how we have forgone our duty as citizens and are more focused on our role as consumers. And, of course, what we can do to reclaim our country from coporations. Sounded very interesting and I actually drove to the bookstore and bought a copy for my dad for Xmas. (Having both kids in school all day is FABulous!) Anyway you might find it interesting and also might make you feel you are not the only one so dismayed with the current state of modern American culture. I should probably get us a copy too but I think I’ll go the library route.

    Whew – long comment – sorry. Sarah

  2. 2
    Brian Says:

    Hi-de-ho; Yeah, it’s crazy to think about how horribly wrong things have gone. I’m convinced that the pendulum is trying to swing back to center (and hopefully continue to the left a little, at least for awhile), as evidenced by the election of democrats to the majority of both House and Senate seats last November. What’s disturbing is the way that the re-establishment of a different political party in at least ONE part of the Judicial/Executive/Legislative structure has not seemed to have made a difference. The politicians in congress are squandering the momentum, this chance that they’ve been given…

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